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Finland celebrates 100 years of independence – Here are 100 reasons why it is the greatest country on Earth

We compiled a list of hundred things in which Finland and Finns are the best in the world. Finland wins in ice fishing and pull-ups. The country is the most stable and Helsinki, the capital, is the most honest of all. A Finn will even sit longer on top of an ant nest than anyone else. Finland is the safest 1. The world's safest country. Finland ranks number one in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 by The World Economic Forum. Finland gets the first place thanks to its low terrorism threat level and stability in environmental and society issues. 2. The most reliable police. The Finns have the highest trust in their police force in Europe, according to Eurostat, The Finnish police and internal safety as a whole are the second best in the entire world, says The International Police Science Association, World Internal Security and Police Index . 3. The most stable government. On this list Finland actually ranks last but that's because The Fund for Peace has listed the world's most vulnerabe countries in their statistics Fragile States Index 2017 . Finland is the least fragile in the world. 4. Least crime. Finland has the smallest amount of organized crime, according to The World Economic Forum and The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018: Organized crime. 5. Independent judiciary. According to The World Economic Forum's The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018: Judicial independence , Finland has the most independent judicial system in the world. 6. The most honest city. Our capital, Helsinki, is the most honest capital in the world. Reader's Digest did an experiment in 16 cities around the world to test the honesty of their citizens by dropping 12 wallets in each city. In Helsinki, 11 wallets were returned out of twelve whereas only one in Portugal's capital Lisbon. This took the Portuguese city right to the bottom of the honesty list, as can be seen on the article Most Honest Cities. 7. Free press. The freedom of the press in Finland is one of the best in the world tells the article published by the Reporters without Borders, Finland has been number one seven times in a row during years 2010–2016. The freedom of the press index observes the liberty of the press in 180 countries. Clean food and the best schnapps 8. The BBQ is hot. Finns are even more keen on having BBQs than people from Texas. This was proved last February at the market place in Lahti where teams grilled continuously for 36 hours . The last record set over the pond was beaten by the Finns by an hour and a half margin. 9. The cleanest food. Finland has the cleanest food in EU. It has the least pesticide leftovers according to The 2015 European Union report on pesticide residues in food. 10. High consumption of alcohol. A Finn downs alcohol at an internationally high level when comparing the per capita consumption. Over 15 year olds drinks more than 12,5 litres of alcohol each year. Although, this can be matched by th Brits, Russians, French and the Irish, says Daily Mail . 11. Porridge nation. The world record in eating organic porridge was set in Finland on 6.9.2017. It's the first and only ever set record at it. 390 230 spoonfulls of porridge were consumed in Finnish homes, schools, kinder gardens, prisons and garrisons. The event was organised by Pro Luomu ry. 12. The most sourmilk. Finns drink the most milk and sourmilk per capita in the entire world. The amount consumed is on avergae 130 litres of milk and 11,5 litres of sourmilk per year. 71 per cent of adults drink milk every day. The second biggest milk and sourmilk consumers come from Ireland and the third from Estonia, according to Maito ja terveys . 13. Coffeeholics. In 2016 Finns drank 9,9 kilos of coffee per capita which is yet again the highest amount in the world, reports International Coffee Organization, Coffee Trade Statistics. 14. The first cricket bread. Finnish grocery shops were the first in the world to be introduced to insect bread. Handmade cricket bread, Fazerin Sirkkaleipä , was available on the 24th November. It has been said that insect food might be the most important food phenomenon in the future. 15. The best schnapps in the world. In August, Helsinki Distilling Company's Tyrnipontikka (sea buckthorn moonshine) was awarded the best distilled scnapps in the world in the prestigious Spirikum Spirits Fair -competition in Copenhagen. 16. First school meal. Finland was the first country in the world to serve free school meals. This began as early as 1948. The most reliable elections 17. The freest country in the world. According to the Freedom House , Finland is the freest country on earth. Although here we have to share the place with Norway and Sweden. In Finland, the elections are reliable, there's a strong multiparty system, freedom of religion and people are free to voice their opinions. 18. The best administration. According to the Legatum Institute's The Legatum Prosperity Index 2016 , Finland has the best government in the world. It's stable, efficient and it works. The elections are reliable and the opportunity to take part in politics is available to everyone. 19. The freest elections. Next to Danish, the Finns get to vote in the freest and most reliable elections in the world. This is according to Pippa Norris and Max Grömping's publication The Year in Elections, 2017. 20. The first female member of parliament. The first female memebers of parliament in the world were chosen in Finland in 1907. The first single chamber elections saw 19 female parlamentarians elected which was almost 10 per cent out of all representatives. These days, Finland has the third most female members of parliaments in Europe. 21. Equal right to vote. Finland was the first country in the world to grant all its citizens universal suffrage and to run for parliament. The parliament for the Grand Duchy started in 1907 which was, at the time of its creation, an exceptional democratic institution. The right to vote didn't include those on poor relief assistance, people who hadn't paid their taxes or who had been given a prison sentence and therefore forfeited their right to citizen's confidence. It also excluded vagrants, as listed on I tsenäisyys 100 . Best for families and people giving birth 22. Freedom. Finns have the largest amount of personal freedom and freedom of choice, states The Social Progress Imperative . 23. Wellfare. Finland is also the best country in the world when it comes to human well-being, according to the Sustainable Society Index. 24. Human rights. Next to Denmark, Finland is the best country in the world in protecting the basic human rights, as listed on The World Justice Project . 25. Finns trust the economy. According to the European Comission research , the consumers' trust in economy is the highest in Finland. 26. Stable banks. Finland has the world's most stable banks, according to The World Economic Forum . 27. Least maternal deaths. The World Health Organisation measures maternal deaths. In Finland there are least of them in the entire world. Maternal deaths began to decrease in the 70s and in 2010s, there's only 1-3 per year. 28. Least infant mortality. A research done by the Save the Children's organisation states that Finland is the safest country for pregnant women. Infant mortality is the lowest in the world. 29. Most nurses. Finland has the highest number of nurses per doctor in the world. According to OECD, per doctor there are 4,7 nurses whereas there are 14,1 Finns per nurse. 30. Best for families. In September,12 519 people living and working abroad from 188 different countries were interviewed for a study by the Expat Insider 2017. Finland was estimated as number one in the world in childcare, standard of education and family welfare categories. Best education, best reading skills 31. Unbeatable education system. Finland's education system is one of the top in the world according to a survey by OECD and the World Economic Forum. 32. Reading and writing. According to an international ranking , Finland is the most literate country on earth when measured by the amount of libraries and the amount of people who read newspapers. This figure is proportional per capita. A country of thousands of clean pipes 33. Environmentally conscious. Finland fares the best in the world in a comparison study about environmental development. Environmental Performance Index puts Finland to the top leaving Iceland, Sweden and Denmark behind. Finland receives praise in its vision to move towards a carbon neutral society and to increase the use of renewable energy resources. Finland also benefits from good air quality and extensive sanitation. 34. Rich in water. Finland has plenty of high quality water and when it comes to the water table, Finland is completely self sufficient. World Water Council and Great Britain's Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have developed an index for water poverty , which states that Finland is the most water rich country in the world. 35. Clean tapwater. In many countries you can't drink straight from the tap but Finland is one the few rare countries where 100 per cent of its inhabitants have access to clean tapwater, according to the World Economic Forum research . 36. No natural disasters. Finland has the smallest risk in the world for natural disasters, according to a study by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee and European comission. 37. Forest royalty. Finland has the most forest compared to its surface area, says Global Forest Resources Assessment. 38. Highest respect for nature. Finns appreciate and respect their nature the most in the entire world. Why else would Finland be the first country ever to have a flag day purely for honouring nature. 39. Minestate. Canadian Fraser institute ranked Finland as the most interesting state when it comes to measuring the interest of mining companies. Mobile still connects people 40. The first ever mobile phone. On the 1st July in 1991, the director of Suomen Pankki made the famously first GSM phone call to the Deputy Mayor of Tampere, Kaarina Suonio. The world's actual first GSM call was, however, done a few hours earlier. At the end of the line were engineers Pekka Lonka and Marjo Jousinen, a secretary working at Nokia. In turn, the title of the farther of text messages goes to a Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen . 41. First mobile game. Snake was the first significant mobile phone game invented and it was made by a Finn. Taneli Armanno designed it for the Nokia 6610 in 1997 and it was one of the 40 first games that the New York Modern Art Museum took into its collections. 42. Longest game session. A Finn has spent the longest amount of time in one go playing a video game. Paavo Niskala played Halo 5 for 50 hours, 4 minutes and 17 seconds, states Guinness Records . 43. First country emoji. In November 2015 Finland became the first country to have its own emojis. The emojis included sauna bathers, a Nokia 3110 and a heavy metal fan. 44. Most emojis. Finns use emojis the most. According to a research done by Quartz last year almost two thirds (63 %) of Instagram messages written by Finns have at least one emoji. Next on the list is France whose emoji usage percentage was 50. 45. Most data. Finns use most mobile data per mobile, lists OECD's Digital Economy Outlook 2017. 46. Best airport. Travellink made a survey to 65 000 travellers around Europe. Helsinki-Vantaa airport received the highest score in overall services and functionality. 47. Biggest hackathon. Problem solving event Junction 2017 is the world's most extensive Hackathon for coders. The event held at Otaniemi is attended by 1500 coders from 80 countries. 48. Most energy efficient grocery shop. S-market Tuira situated in Oulu is the world's most energey friendly supermarket accoring VTT . 49. Best silicon cells. Finland makes the best silicon cells when it comes to efficiency. A research group in Aalto university broke the record it previously held in 2015 and measured another record breaking efficiency ratio of 22,1 per cent. 50. Hard-working radio amateur. In 2014 Reijo Laitinen from Nenonpelto contacted 90 215 radio amateurs from around the world which makes him the most hard-working radio amateur. 51. Best radioactive garbage disposal. In Finland, the radioactive waste disposed by nuclear power stations is processed the best in the world. Finland was the first to build a cave system for nuclear waste which enables to store the waste in a safe way. 52. First snow tyres. The world's first snow tyres were invented in Finland in 1934. The weather tyre invented by Finland's Gummitehdas Oy was developed to be used in lorries. 53. Biggest karaoke. The world's largest karaoke singalong was held in Finland in 26th May in 2006 when 80 000 fans came together at the Helsinki Market Square to celebrate the Finnish hard-rock music win on the Eurovision song contest. The fans sang together Hard Rock Hallelujah. 54. Most heavy metal bands. There are 53,5 heavy metal bands in Finland to each 100 000 inhabitants which makes it the highest in the world. Second place goes to France and Norway which each have half of that. The survey can be found on Reddit . 55. Leading humppa dance nation. In July, no less than 20 181 friends of the dance style humppa put their better foot forward and danced at the Europeade festival in Turku. 56. Accordion champions. A Finn will play an accordion longer than ayone else. When Anssi Laitinen started playing accordion at Iisalmi's campsite Koljonvirta on 31.7.2017 he didn't stop playing till 31 hours and 25 minutes later - when July had already turned into August. 57. Leading letkajenkka nation. In 1995, 1354 people were doing the letkajenkka dance in Kokemäki. The record was broken in 2015 when 1 393 Nokia employees decided to show how letkajenkka is really done. 58. Longest phone wish concert. In North Ostrobothnia, the radio reporters Paavo Hartikka and his colleague Törmi from Radio Pooki made their listeners' musical wishes come true by playing their song choices on the radio nonstop for five days. In short, they made phonecall music wish history. 59. Most eager Eurovision nation. The Finnish Euroviisuklubi , formed in 1984, was the first of its kind in the world. These days the Organisation Générale des Amateurs d’Eurovision have about 40 different clubs. Biggest, deepest and most expensive 60. The world's biggest wooden church. The church situated in Kerimäki has impressive measurements: length 45 m, width 42 m and height 27 m. The dome is 37 metres tall and the church has 3000 seats and fits 5000 people willing to stand. No wonder it made its way into the Guinness World Records. 61. The deepest concert. Metal band Agonizer played the deepest ever gig in the world 1271 metres below sea level at Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy in Pyhäjärvi on 4.8.2007 and, therefore, made its way into the Guinness World Record book. Due to strict safety measures, there were only 80 people attending. 62. The most expensive nuclear power station. Situated in Satakunta's Eurajoki, Olkiluoto 3 is already the world's most expensive nuclear power station even though it's not even ready. According to the most recent estimate, Olkiluoto 3's cost will rise to 9 billion euros. 63. First Van Gogh museum. Finns appreciated Vincent Van Gogh well before anyone else. Ateneum in Helsinki was the first to acquire a Van Gogh art piece into its collections. One of the last paintings by the Dutch, Auvers-sur-Oise (1890) was added to the museum's collection in 1903. 64. Best Christmas destination. The Finnish Lapland is listed as the first choice on a CNN 's list that compares the best destinations for those wanting to spend Christmas away from home. Who wouldn't want real snow, Santa Claus and gingerbread biscuits for Christams. 65. Spot on detector. The researchers in Aalto university broke a record in 2016 by designing a detector that can sense gauge bosons from electromagnetic radiation, meaning it can detect photons with a record breaking accuracy. It may be that this detector will revolutionise wireless communication in future, says research. Sisu-nation like no other 66. Most ice-fishers. In no place else has there been as many ice drill holes than in Töysä's Ponnenjärvi in March 2003 , when no less than 26 462 ice-fishers took part in Miljoona Pilkki event held by Veljekset Keskinen. 67. Most eager skinny dippers. During Ilosaarirock in 2017, a staggering 789 festival goers went for a skinny dip in one go at Linnunlahti beach which makes it the biggest group swim session naked in the entire world. 68. Dense sauna network. Finns are the most eager nation on earth to bathe in a sauna. There are about 2–3,2 million saunas in Finland which estimates one per household. No other country gets even close in comparison. 69. Best recyclists. According to Palautuspakkaus Oy Palpa, Finns recycle the highest amount of bottles and cans (they have a deposit on them) - over 90 per cent. The rate is the highest on earth. 70. Tough video game dressers. Finns are the most eager to wear costumes to represent video game characters. There were 491 people dressed as characters and monsters known from different video, console and computer games in Särkänniemi amusement park on September 2013. 71. The fastest driver on two wheels. A Finn drives a faster side wheelie than any other. Stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki set a Guinness World Records title for fastest car on two wheels at 186km/h. 72. Most badges. There is no one in the world that has more pins and badges than a Finn. Seppo Mäkinen from Kouvola bought his first one from Moscow on August 1994. He set the Guinness World Records title in 2008 with 30 150 pins. Now he owns more than 50 000 . 73. The longest time on an ant's nest. Lyde Lyytikäinen amazed watchers of Ennätystehdas TV show for sitting on an ant's nest for two hours and ten minutes. Last year he improved the record to five hours. 74. ... and longest time buried alive. A Finn lays down in the grave longer than anyone else. Veli-Matti Lehtikangas, well-known as “Fakir Veltsu” laid to rest on 21st September 2000 and rose to the surface after eight days and 10 minutes . 75. Most kilometres on a water scooter. Risto Piispa drove with his water scooter from Helsinki to Ceute in Spain on August 2014. The travel was altogether 3074 kilometers. According to Guinness Records it is the longest driven distance in an open sea with a water scooter. Olympic, baseball and pull-up champions 76. Most gold medals. Finland is the world's most successful country in the summer olympics when the gold medals are proportioned to population. Per gold medal there are a bit over 53 000 citizens which is 3000 less than Hungary which scores second on the list. 77. Most medals. Finland is the most successful country in the summer olympics even when comparing all the medals to the population. There are 17 000 people per one medal in Finland. Second on the list ranks our dear neighbour Sweden. 78. Biggest orienteering race. The biggest orienteering race in the world, Jukolan viesti , is run in the Finnish forests. In its best year, in 2015, there were over 3000 teams taking part in it. 79. Best baseball land. The national sport of baseball is also played in the world championships . Finland has won all shared world championship wins in the sport. The biggest contenders are Australia and Switzerland. 80. Fastest wheelchair racer. The speed racer from Pori, Leo-Pekka Tähti, made a world record in 100 metre race with a score of 13,56 in the London paralympics in 2012. 81. Best formation swimmer teams. In this beautiful team sport Finland scores as number one. The world championships have been raced 16 times and Finns have won it eight times. 82. Fastest dog skiiers. In dog skiing the racer is attached by a flexible belt to the reins. This is clearly a Finnish sport - Finns won six prizes out of eight in 2017 world championships, says Sledog Sport . 83. Most ringette championships. In ice hockey Finland is not number one but in ringette the Finns are unbeatable. Finland has won 7 championships out of twelve. All the previous five have been won by Finland. 84. Floorball number one. Out of the olympics and championships, Finland has risen to floorball number one. Finland holds one more medal than Sweden in womens, mens, girls and boys' championships. In gold medals Sweden is number one but when counted alltogether, Finlad is number one . 85. Most successful group gymnastics. The world championships have been held 17 times since 2000 and Finland has won no less than ten times. Without a medal of some sort Finland has been left only four times. 86. Most accurate shooters. A moving target is one of the most challenging sports and Finland is the world's best at it . Last proof is from the recent world championships where Finland won gold in the group genre. 87. Most rally championships. No less than seven Finnish rally drivers have won the world championship at least once on their career. 88. Fastest world rally. The Neste Rally Finland is on average the fastest race in the championship, according to World Rally Archive . The Finnish driver Esa-Pekka Lappi who won the race this year cruised at the average speed of 126,16 km/h. The world's fastest special race is the Finnish championship race in Ouninpohja where the average speed is 135,07 km/h. 89. Toughest ultrarunner. The record for the 3100 mile New York based ultrarun competition is held by a Finn, Ashprihanal Aalto. registers 40 days, 9 hours and 21 seconds as the record. It is by far the fastest record - the second best runner is behind by over a day. 90. The best olympic athlete. The Finnish running legend Paavo Nurmi is the most successful summer olympic medalist with his nine gold, five silver and four bronze medals. The only other athlete to have won nine gold medals is the American sprinter-long jumper Carl Lewis, but even he is left second when all medals are counted together. 91. Crazy about skiing. Finns love cross-country skiing more than anyone else, even as a group activity. This was made clear in February 2016 when 130 cross-country skiers got on a single pair of skiis. 92. Longest floorball match. Finns can play floorball longer than anyone else. The world's longest floorball match was played in June last year in Seinäjoki. The match lasted 28 hours. 93. Most ski jumping championships. Finland has won the team race championship more often than anyone else: gold seven times. The second best country, Austria has six wins. 94. Longest ski trip. A Finn has skied the longest distance in 24 hours. Teemu Virtanen skied in Kuortane 433 km and 459 metres. He only took two short breaks during that time. His average speed was 18 km/h. 95. Toughest at pull-ups. Joonas Mäkipelto did 4040 pull-ups in 12 hours in Kamppi Helsinki which makes it a world record. He also holds the record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours, says the Guinness Records . Flexible language 96. Loudest at yelling. Finns are the loudest at yelling. This was proven by a group of scouts who yelled at a 127,2 desibel in a little village of Siilinjärvi on 16. April 2005. 97. Best palindrome language. The Finnish language is by far the best at coming up with palindromes. A proof of this is the world's longest known palindrome word ”saippuakivikauppias” as well as Simo Frangén and Dave Lindholm's Tana! Hitit ihanat , which is the world's first palindrome book. A palindrome is a word or a group of words that reads the same backwards and forward. Fastest horse on earth 98. Dog show glory. Finns are crazy about dogs. Proportional to population, Finns have the most dog shows in the world. There are over 40 international dog shows held in Finland annually. The shows are open to all breeds, as well as 200 group and special shows. 99. Fastest mare. A mare born in Finland is the world's fastest three year old on a lap of 2600 metres in harness racing. A fully Finnish world record was witnessed in September at Teivo Tampere when a Finnish born Gloria Web raced by Jorma Kontio and trained by Timo Nurmos made a new world record with a time of 1.14,3. 100. World's best Finnhorse. A horse named Jokivarren Kunkku, born in 2008, is the fastest Finnhorse of all time. It also holds some world records as it won the world championship in cold-blooded breed's 2100 metres harness race.